Welcome to my view of the world.  It’s basically a scrapbook of things I’ve seen over the past two years that made me think.  Some of these thoughts led me to write a short story about the experience.  Others are simple galleries based on a loose theme.  Above is a slideshow that links to a selection of stories. Click on the title to read.

All the photos and words are my own. Some of the images are freely available at my profile page on Unsplash. LIke what you see?  Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a line!

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Angel Too

I could be an angel too I am a pest and I spread unease Terrorise high rooftop balconies I eat dead things And what others throw in bins But sometimes, when you stare just right And the stars are not too bright Then you could see That I am an angel too

Slip Away

Imagine a land so old, where everything that could be has been,Imagine the stories, played out between stone and skyWritten into ragged rocks, until they hold no moreAll have fled and time slips away, unnoticed.

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